16 Best Bars for Craft Beer in Hong Kong

May 2, 2019

As you may know from some of my other posts, Jeremy and I are huge fans of craft beer. We seek it out wherever we go. Moving to Hong Kong, we were sorry to leave the bountiful U.S. craft beer scene behind. However, we've been pleasantly surprised by the craft beer scene we've found in Hong Kong! A growing industry in Hong Kong, craft beer has been picking up steam in the last few years. We've made a point of seeking out the best bars for craft beer and now I'm sharing my favorites with you.


Since the industry is still growing (also because it's Hong Kong!), craft beer tends to be more expensive here than in many places. Expect to pay ~HK $60 - HK $80 (~US $7 - US $10) for a pint, depending on the beer. 

Though I've included 16 bars on my list, there are MANY more bars in Hong Kong where you can find craft beer. This list includes bars that specialize in craft beer - offering draft beers in addition to a bottle list. Let's get started! 

1) The Globe

I'll start the list with a Hong Kong favorite - The Globe - which has been open for more than 20 years. That's impressive for Hong Kong! Located just a block off the Mid-Levels escalator in Central, this British gastropub is a great place to grab a pint.

They serve a variety of local and imported drafts and have an extensive bottle list (~100+ beers). There's definitely something for everyone here! The British pub fare served is hearty and tasty. One of my favorites is the Steak & Guinness pie which is served throughout the afternoon (when most of the kitchen is closed). I'm also a big fan of the mac n' cheese - both at The Globe and generally in life! 

The Globe bar and chairs on BeckyExploring craft beer

2) Roundhouse - BBQ + Beer / Chicken + Beer

Up the hill a ways from The Globe, Roundhouse - BBQ + Beer is worth the climb! With 27 craft beers on tap and Texas BBQ - it's a great spot for homesick Americans wandering about. Or, let's face it, for anyone who likes beer and BBQ! 

Craft Beer in Hong Kong - Roundhouse

Roundhouse - Chicken + Beer, Wan Chai location

If you're into craft beer, but prefer a different meat - try their location in Wan Chai -> Roundhouse - Chicken + Beer. I generally prefer BBQ, but they also have burgers on the menu here. And let's face it, it's also just a great place to stop by for a good beer!

Address: G/F, 62 Peel Street, Central // 29 Amoy Street, Wan Chai

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3) The Boilermaker

One of my go-to happy hour places in Soho is The Boilermaker - though I've never actually ordered the boilermaker! This whisky and beer bar has happy hour until 9pm so even on a late work night, we can usually catch the end of it. Who doesn't love a discount? 

I like sitting at one of the tables out front so I can people-watch - one of my favorite activities.  Though they have a rotating draft list, I usually get the Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA which comes in the funky glass. Always a challenge to get those last sips!

Boilermaker bar at night with crowds in front
Craft beer at Boilermaker in different glasses with blue building behind

4) Big Sur - CLOSED*

Wrapping up my favorite craft beer spots in Soho/Central is Big Sur - a California-style restaurant with 14 local craft beer taps. The restaurant has the look of an American diner and serves a mix of salads, tacos, and barbecue.  

I enjoy sitting on the patio in front of the restaurant, which seems to belong to the hotel above it. Though the patio does not technically belong to Big Sur, they seem to have some sort of agreement with the hotel. As a result, if you want to sit outside, order and pay at Big Sur's bar inside. Then, pick up your drinks/food when they're ready to take them outside yourself. If you're not into self-service or are ordering a lot, I recommend sitting inside. 

Big Sur craft beer bar with people sitting on patio out front

*As of October 2, 2021, Big Sur closed its doors and went to "Big Sur Heaven".

5) Ho Lan Jeng (formerly 65 Peel)

65 Peel used to be a go-to spot over in Soho, but in January 2021, it closed its doors. Although they said they were searching for a new spot - I didn't expect it to re-open so soon. 

According to this article on Foodie from March 11, 2021, Ho Lan Jeng has relocated to a spot in Lan Kwai Fong in LKF 29. So far, I think they've only had a soft opening but I hope to check out the beer selection once they receive their liquor license!

Glass with 65 Peel and Yardley Brothers bottle of beer on bar with neon lights

6) Blue Supreme

A favorite place of mine to go after a day of walking and shopping in Central Hong Kong is Blue Supreme.  Located on Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street) - a pedestrian alley lined with antique shops near Man Mo Temple - it has a quaint neighborhood feel to it.  

The thing I like most about Blue Supreme is that they specialize in live and bottle conditioned beers. So, they have a unique selection of sour and funky bottled beers that are hard to find in most places in Hong Kong. Is this for everyone? My parents who visited recently tell me 'no'. But if you're looking for something a little different - add this place to your list! (And, they have a good selection of local hoppy crafts on tap too!)

Blue Supreme beer bar with people at high top table and blue neon sign
Craft beer at Blue Supreme

7) Alvy's

Heading westward on the island, we come to Alvy's. It combines two of my favorite things - pizza and beer. (Also great whiskey cocktails.... so three things?) Only a few blocks away from my apartment, I'm there probably more often than I should be!  

Alvy's beer with pizza

Alvy's has a regular line-up of various Young Master local craft beers on tap. Although it used to have several rotating taps of imported craft beers as well, lately I've noticed those disappearing from the menu. Since I used to enjoy the variety of local and imported beers, I'm hopeful the imported ones will return at some point.*

*Update from October 2020 to reflect changes in the menu.

8) Grain

While you're in Kennedy Town, take a walk along the waterfront and stop by Grain - a gastropub and experimental brewing facility which opened in May 2021. 

Once the home of Little Creatures Kennedy Town, an Australian microbrewery, this giant venue was passed on to a local Hong Kong craft brewery - Gweilo Beer. After a neon makeover, Grain, a partnership between the restaurant group Woolly Pig and Gweilo Beer, was born.

Grain Brewlab Kennedy Town
Grain craft beer Hong Kong

Grain is serving up a range of upscale snacks, sharing plates, and mains to accompany the 24 craft beers they have on tap. Most of the brews are Gweilo (obviously). But you'll also find a couple that are throwbacks to the Little Creatures days as well as a few from other local Hong Kong breweries. 

In my opinion though, one of the best reasons to visit Grain is because it contains the Gweilo Brewlab. This research and development brewing facility is where you can taste unique beers that aren't yet available elsewhere. 

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9) Hoppy Junction

Speaking of hops... back towards the center of the island is a new addition to the beer bar scene - Hoppy Junction. Opened in late 2018, it's already one of my favorites.

They have 14 local taps which represent a nice variety of Hong Kong's craft breweries.  Ordering the paddle allows you to sample 6 of their drafts. In case you can't find something on the draft list you want, they also have several bottles, also from local breweries.

Craft beer sampler at Hoppy Junction with bar in background

10) Second Draft

If you've had a rough day of shopping in Causeway Bay (or, of following your loved one around while they shop), head to Second Draft for a craft beer! Your day will look better - I promise!

Second Draft craft beer Hong Kong

Second Draft is close to Causeway Bay, but is located in the quieter neighborhood of Tai Hang. Here you'll find a wide variety of local and imported drafts. They get new beers in frequently so you can always try something new. Come hungry to try the unique fusion fare!

11) Hong Kong Island Taphouse

My last pick on Hong Kong Island is aptly named - Hong Kong Island Taphouse. Pretty easy to remember, right? After strolling through Victoria Park on a weekend afternoon, I pop over to HK Island Taphouse for a cold local brew.

They have a great selection of local Hong Kong craft beers on tap as well as numerous bottles. The taphouse itself is a double-storefront so it's more spacious than most Hong Kong restaurants. This appeals to me after fighting weekend crowds!

Lion Rock Brewery craft beer at Hong Kong Island Taphouse

12) Zhang Men Brewing Company

Zhang Men Brewing Company is a Taiwanese brewery that I fell in love with when I visited Taipei a couple years ago before moving to Hong Kong. We visited a location a few blocks from our hotel in Taipei and I celebrated my 32nd birthday there!

Although they used to have two locations in Hong Kong - in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sai Ying Pun. Sadly, the Sai Ying Pun location, which was closest to where I live, is now closed. But a trip across Victoria Harbour took me to the TST location which was equally awesome. The food is as good as I remember and they have a wide range of delicious beers on tap.*

Zhang Men Brewery in TST | craft beer Hong Kong

First time at the TST location and pretty pleased! 

13) Kowloon Taproom

Speaking of weekend crowds, head across Victoria Harbour to Kowlooon Taproom in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). You'll see what I mean about crowds! TST is a big shopping district so especially on weekends, it's extremely busy. Usually I avoid it. 

I made an exception for Kowloon Taproom a couple weekends ago when I realized I still hadn't been there. Getting through the crowds was a pain (as always) but the street where the taproom is located is much quieter.

The Kowloon Taproom itself is great - a robust selection of local craft beers, 90's music that makes me nostalgic... overall a good vibe! We haven't tried the food here yet, but there's a mac n' cheese on the menu calling my name for next time!

Becky holding craft beer at Kowloon Taproom with bar in background

14) The Madhouse Taproom

While you're in Mong Kok, also be sure to stop by The Madhouse Taproom. Not only do they have a wide selection of craft beer from around the world, they also have ciders on tap.

I enjoyed trying a couple heavier beers (imperial stouts) from breweries in the UK and Scotland on my last visit to Madhouse. Since I live in Hong Kong and drink a lot of local beer, sometimes it's fun to mix it up!

As with TAP, The Madhouse is a normal-sized Hong Kong establishment (meaning small) and is quite popular, so you may have to wait or squeeze in where you can fit! 

Madhouse craft beer with bar in background
Madhouse metal taps and craft beer list

15) TAP - The Ale Project

With an excellent beer selection and two locations in Hong Kong, The Ale Project is one that craft beer lovers have to try.

The Ale Project: Mong Kok

I'm updating this blurb on TAP again as the location in Mong Kok closed for a while but is now open in a new location. Although I haven't been there yet, I'm eager to visit soon. 

The Ale Project: Tsuen Wan

However, during the time that The Ale Project's Mong Kok location was closed, I took a trip to the end of the Tsuen Wan Line (~30 minutes from Central). Here you'll find The Ale Project's second location in The Mills - a revitalized textile mill from the mid-1900s which has been converted into a shopping and art space. 

TAP The Ale Project Tsuen Wan Craft Beer in Hong Kong

This TAP location is open and spacious which I really liked. They have a variety of board games as well as old video games in the back which you can play as you drink. When we visited, the beers on tap were mostly local brews, though they had a few international ones as well. Another good thing about The Mills is that it's pet-friendly. Many people seemed to bring their pets with them for shopping and walking around the building.

16) Momentai

Momentai is probably the most challenging one for visitors (and me!) to get to on this list. Located out in Sai Kung, a chill, family- & dog-friendly neighborhood in New Territories, it's a beautiful spot to relax with a beer! Compared to most places on the list - it's huge!

Momentai has a wide variety of craft beer, plus patio and rooftop seating overlooking the waterfront and more than one pool table! If you're taking a day trip to Sai Kung to explore or do some island-hopping, consider ending your day with a cold beer at Momentai. 

craft beer at Momentai with waterfront view in background

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to go out and try some Hong Kong craft beer? I hope so! 

I'm always searching for craft beer bars, so leave me a comment and let me know if I've left something off the list that should be included.


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